Roof Treatment

With the ever-growing abundance of moss in the Northwest, alternative roof cleaning methods to extremely abrasive methods such as pressure washing or wire brushing need to be addressed. The use of organic roof moss treatment to control moss is regulated by the US DEPT OF AGRICULTURE and anyone using roof moss killer products needs to be licensed through the State of Oregon. Roof Treatment technicians are taught various methods to control moss besides the use of a controlled herbicide. More natural solutions to help control moss would be to expose the roof to more sunlight and keep it clean of debris. Remember to keep all tree limbs trimmed back and away from the roof. If moss is still growing after trying chemical-free methods there are roofs that are simply overwhelmed with moss, the Northwest can be brutal on composition roofs.

Many customers ask us if the roof moss treatment is environmentally friendly. Our answer is simple, it’s a naturally occurring organic substance that is used to control roof moss. The alternative is to pressure wash or use a wire brush and wear the composition roofing material down to nothing quickly. A composition roof simply cannot take that much aggressive abuse before it simply wears out. For more information fill out the Request A Quote.