Gutter Cleaning In Portland Oregon

Portland Gutter Cleaning LLC has over 27 years of experience cleaning gutters in the Pacific Northwest. With over 40 inches of annual rainfall in the Portland Oregon metro area homeowners need to make sure their gutter cleaning needs are being addressed. Our standard gutter cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning of all major debris in the gutter system. We test the system with running water to make sure your home is ready for the harsh weather. We inspect the downspouts and drains and make sure they are functioning properly.

We also do a general inspection of the gutter system and will advise you if anything needs immediate attention. We offer a FREE no obligation gutter reminder service for those that are constantly on the go. On average residential homes in a non-forested area should have their gutters cleaned yearly. Residential homes with trees nearby may require 2 or 3 cleanings per year on average.