Gutter Cleaning

Portland Gutter Cleaning LLC provides rain gutter cleaning services throughout the Portland Oregon metropolitan area. With over 40 inches of rain each year it is important that residential and commercial customers properly channel the waterway from their structure. Water erosion and structural damage can occur if the gutter system is not kept clean and free of debris. As part of our standard gutter cleaning service, Portland Gutter Cleaning provides a thorough cleaning of gutters and downspouts. First, clean the major debris from the gutters and then test the downspout with pressurized water.

Will gutter guards prevent frequent gutter cleaning?

We often get asked whether or not gutter guard covers work here in Portland. The answer simply is most of the time NO. The problems are mostly pine needles which can slip through the savviest gutter contraption. To combat this problem gutter guard manufacturers make the screen so small even a pine needle can no longer penetrate. Manufacturers have now created another problem of clogging. Gutter guards with very fine screens clog up with roof sludge within months of installation. In over 27 years of working with residential homes, we have not seen one product that will work in all conditions. In our experience, most gutter guard systems fail miserably in the Portland Oregon metropolitan area.

Vinyl gutter guards have a service life of 3-5 years before sun damage will ruin them. The problem is the roof muck still goes into the gutters and needs to be cleaned out. Once gutter guards are touched, they usually do not snap back into place the same. Gutter foam will clog and need to be pulled out within a couple of years in any type of forested environment. For more FREE information about gutter guards please contact Portland Gutter Cleaning at 503.844.6800.