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Portland Gutter & Roof Cleaning Services

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Portland Gutter Cleaning has over 20 years of experience cleaning gutters in the Northwest. With over 40 inches of annual rain fall in the Portland, Oregon metro area homeowners need to make sure their gutter cleaning needs are being addressed. Our standard gutter cleaning services include a thorough cleaning of all major debris in the gutter system. We test the system with running water to make sure your home is ready for the harsh weather.

We also offer a premium gutter cleaning service that includes downspout strainers and a 1 year clog free warranty for those homes in a non forested area. Residential homes that are located in a forested area should, on average, have their roof blown off and gutters cleaned 3 times a year. Call (503) 844-6800


Roof Moss Treatment

Portland, Oregon has over 250 cloudy days a year. Mild temperatures are ideal for the growth of roof moss which is a huge problem in the Northwest. Portland Gutter Cleaning gives every customer a FREE basic roof inspection as part of our standard gutter cleaning service. Controlling roof moss is important for the health of the roofing material and long term expense to the homeowner. Roof moss treatment is the least evasive, and in most cases the best coarse of action for controlling roof moss. For a free estimate Request A Quote or Call (503) 844-6800.